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The Art of Underwater Breathing

[Fic: The Art of Underwater Breathing]

Bands: Panic at the Disco, with guest appearances by members of Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is… and My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer (Gabe/William, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/William)
Word Count: ~31,000
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Diving center AU set in the south of France. I could have done this neither without airgiodslv’s encouragement nor without jocondite’s kick-ass beta. Also? Thank you, beloved Big Bang mods, for throwing this party!

Summary: >>Then Spencer finds the link to the crew information, and Ryan leans close, chin on Spencer’s shoulder, to study the high-quality picture of two young men, about their age and involved in a water fight – their chests glistening in the sun, laughing and unaware of the camera. The description says: ‘Left: Brendon Urie, diving instructor, CMAS M***, right: Jon Walker, captain and diving instructor, CMAS M**.’<<

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

[Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content]


Brendon, Spencer and Ryan diving at the wreck “The Donator” by bluelittlepig


Fanmix by lucentvictrola
Fanmix by darktowns
Tags: band: panbandom, band: panic at the disco, bbb: 2008
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