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Waiting for an Indication, by elucreh

Waiting for an Indication

Band(s): Panic at the Disco
Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Brendon/Shane, Shane/Brendon
Word Count: 40,000
Rating: Adult
Warnings: If you have a problem with honest, open polyamory, this is not the fic for you.
Summary: In which, being in love can be a blissful experience, a pain in the ass, hard work, drawn-out agony, and much else besides; also in which, people do not tell the whole truth, polyamory is awesome, songs are written, and Ryan stores his paisley boxers with the cheese grater.

For arsenicjade, with more love than I can possibly express.

"Spencer's in with us, actually," Brendon says, leering, and Ryan's about to roll his eyes when he realizes that Shane has reached out, caught Spencer's wrist with a casual proprietary hand. Brendon reaches for Spencer's other hand and starts tugging, leading his lovers, both of them, shit, toward the stairs. "Second door on the right, Ross," he tosses over his shoulder, and Ryan's too busy stopping himself from punching Brendon in the face to answer him.

Part One ~*~ Part Two ~*~ Part Two (cont.) ~*~ Part Three ~*~ Part Four ~*~ Epilogue

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

In With Us by slashxmistress

The Chart, by saint_vee

Mix 81 by lifeinyouryears

Sex Is Complicated by sansets

With many thanks to the BBB mods, who have done SO MUCH WORK for so little in return. Y'all are supremely awesome.
Tags: band: panic at the disco, bbb: 2010, format: fic
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