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Away With The Boys In The Band by inlovewithnight

Title: Away With The Boys In The Band
Author: inlovewithnight
Band(s): My Chemical Romance (Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship)
Pairing(s): Mikey/Otter, Mikey/Gabe, Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Alicia
Word Count: 69,000
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Self-harm, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, misogyny (internalized and otherwise), extensive depiction of mental illness. All of the above is in-text, not offscreen, and therefore possibly triggery.
Summary: Behind the Music: My Chemical Romance, in the world where Mikey has always been a girl.

Author's Notes: Thanks to sionnain, romanticalgirl, shinetheway, and anoneknewmoose for audiencing and beta'ing. Also thanks to the mods for running this!

Away With The Boys In The Band (at AO3)

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

She finishes drawing the eyeliner on and smudges it with a tissue, then steps back, blinking at herself until she gets her glasses back on her nose. Eyes are good. Hair is good. She just needs her lipstick and to get her shoes away from Gee. by impromptu_love

in the lights you make by anoneknewmoose and
Juliet Loves The Beat by shinetheway
Tags: band: my chemical romance, bbb: 2011, format: fic
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