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[Podfic of] Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) by knight_tracer

Title: Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)
Author: [ profile] littlemousling
Reader: knight_tracer
Band(s): Panic! at the Disco
Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith
Length: 4:37:48
Rating: Explicit
Brent may have tricked Ryan and Spencer into auditioning a girl guitarist, but there's no question that Brendon is the best they've seen. Soon enough she's their new best buddy, too, hanging out at Spencer's house almost as much as Ryan does. The band is finally coming together, and Spencer's starting to think they might really make it as musicians--if she can stop getting distracted by her hopeless crush on Brendon.

Link(s): mp3 127MB m4b 132MB
Reader's Notes at my journal lj | DW

Cover art:
Podfic Cover Art by aneas
Tags: band: panic at the disco, bbb: 2012, format: podfic

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