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The Cameras Watch the Accidents and Stars You Hate, by daniomalley22

Title: The Cameras Watch the Accidents and Stars You Hate

Author: daniomalley22

Band(s): MCR

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Alicia/Vicky-T, Pete/Patrick

Word Count:23397


Warning(s): Character death,graphic violence, alcohol abuse. Fairly dark.

After winning the Hunger Games, life was supposed to go back to normal for Gerard, Frank and their mentor Alicia. But they've made too many enemies in the Capitol, and it looks like they might be lucky to keep any sort of life at all.

Author's Notes: All my thanks to jokerindisguise who made the most fantastic mix for this fic.
I have to also give a massive thanks to forbiddensatan who betaed this for me and put up with my incessant whinging like a champ.
This is a sequel to my Wave One fic, The Boy With The Bread. A fusion of Catching Fire.

Part One Part Two Part Three

Bonus Materials


Midnight Show by jokerindisguise
Tags: band: my chemical romance, bbb: 2012, format: fic
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