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Everybody was well dressed (everybody was a mess) by pr_scatterbrain.

Title: Everybody was well dressed (everybody was a mess).
Author: pr_scatterbrain
Band(s)/Musicians: The Young Veins, Panic at the Disco, Phantom Planet, The Like, Coconut Records.
Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer, (Z/Ryan, Spencer/Clémence Poésy, Ellen Page/Brendon, past!Charlotte Froom/Brendon, unrequited!Kirsten Dunst/Alex Greenwald).
Word Count: 18k
Rating: R
Warning(s): Drug use, a DUI offence
Originally when Ryan first signed on to the new Gus Van Sant film they were shooting on location in New York City. Due to a combinations of filming restrictions and funding issues they’re now shooting the bulk of the production in a small town an hour outside Portland. Z isn’t exactly happy, but she isn’t too put out. Secretly, Ryan thinks she likes being the big fish in the small town. Jesse Eisenberg definitely does not.

“How would you know?” Spencer asks, on one of the rare occasions when he manages to answer his phone. “It’s not like he talks to you.”

A sequel to That's not just friendship that's romance too (LJ AO3), set at the same time as What's a day when the years are on their way (LJ AO3) where Jessie Eisenberg likes Gus Van Sant more than Ryan, Spencer hardly ever answers his phone, and Ryan grows up. A actors au.


Bonus Materials
The Kirsten Dunst/Alex Greenwald coda: LJ AO3

Fanmix: Rumors of L.A by truthismusic.
Tags: band: panic at the disco, band: the young veins, bbb: 2012, format: fic

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