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Red is the Rose by cloudlessclimes

Title: Red is the Rose

Author: cloudlessclimes

Band(s): Panic! At the Disco

Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith

Word Count: ~29 000

Rating: R

Warning(s): graphic violence

A sort of fairy tale. In which Brendon is the much maligned crofters' son and Spencer is the human Guardian of the Faerie King's Roses (yes, roses. it's a job okay. someone has to do it). Their stars briefly align, they fall in love, and have to beat a curse older than time to be together. Loosely, very very very loosely based on the Ballad of Tamlin, with a smattering of various global folk and fairy tales thrown in for good measure. Takes place in a parallel world that is a mishmash of Ireland and Las Vegas just because that's how I roll. Very much an AU.

Part One Part Two Part Three

Bonus Materials

1 piece by look_alive here


1 mix by morganya here
Tags: band: panic at the disco, bbb: 2012, format: fic

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