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Bandom Big Bang Masterlist 2012: Wave Three

not smashing windows by inlovewithnight

NC-17, 32k; Gabe/Mikey; hate-based violence and slurs

In the beginning, they were the scene. An origin story.

I'll Repair For You (When The Roof Starts To Fall) by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 17k; Gerard/Grant

When Gerard inherits a house in Scotland from a distant relative, he doesn't expect to have to spend quite so much time at the hardware store. He also doesn't expect to fall in love with the tiny little village or with one of his neighbors...who just happens to be Grant Morrison.

Trees Have Roots And I Have You by viviansface

NC-17, 28k; Frank/Gerard

"There’s a legend saying that if you’re at Saint Etienne du Mont church at midnight, a car or a vehicle or something comes for you and takes you to the Paris you want to visit the most.”

And that's how Gerard Way ends up in the twenties.

Last Chance At Love by eledhwenlin

PG, 16k; Brendon/Spencer

"Welcome to Last Chance at Love, the dating game show for the desperate!"

In which Ryan signs Spencer up for a dating game show, Spencer hates Ryan a lot, and then gets matched up to Brendon. This is a story of presumed last and actually a lot of second chances.

Jersey Shore: Vampire Edition by jokerindisguise

R, 20k; Frank/Gerard, Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick; violence, blood, what can be perceived as a variation of sleep!groping, accidental biting of a human that turns into a public scandal

It had been one year since the original cast of Jersey Shore had decided that they wanted nothing more to do with the show. They all wanted their own lives, some away from the cameras, and some for the whole world to see. It wasn’t like MTV was going to force them to be on the show, even though it was a very tempting thought.

After months of noticing the trends in popular culture and watching various movies about the subject matter, they finally decided on what they wanted this new version of the show to include.

This was how Jersey Shore: Vampire Edition came to be.

Five Times Gerard Pays For It and One Time He Doesn't by rubytuesday5681

NC-17, 23k; Frank/Gerard; prostitution, angst, pining, drunkenness, explicit sex – oral, anal, rimming, fingering

This story is a cliché rentboy fic wherein Gerard (the customer) falls for Frank (the service-provider) and can’t figure out how to go from paying-for-sex to ‘dating’ or if that’s even possible. Added to the mix are Gerard’s perpetually low self-esteem, Frank’s neuroses, and both boys’ epic communication-fails. Will these two ever manage to get out of their own way long enough to see that they’re meant for each other? With a little bit of help from a meddling younger brother, they just might.

Pockets Full of Stones by viviansface

NC-17, 17k; Frank/Gerard; use of superpowers, minor character death

When Gerard hooks up with Carl Saporta, his father (Gabe Saporta, a.k.a the richest man of the village) sends a few hunters after him. And he wants him dead - and so Gerard has to leave his life behind and run. Frank, on the other hand, is a boy that's just turned eighteen and he's as innocent as a flower. Mainly because Jamia locked him up in an old tower years ago - to protect his gift. Frank has the power to heal wounds and erase any signs of aging with his hands.

And so it happens that Gerard finds this exact tower, climbs it and meets Frank. Long story short; they decide to run away together.

awkwardly reversed by kisforkurama

R, 10k; William Beckett/mirror!William Beckett (Santi); selfcest

William Beckett has a reflection. Unlike most people's reflections, though, William's talks and can extend from the mirrors it lives behind. That's generally not a problem, except for how his reflection just fell out of the mirror and can't get back in. Oops?

Life in Technicolor by seratonation

R, 12k; Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Jon

Angel AU. When Brendon is forced out of heaven he lands squarely on Spencer's front yard. As he and his friends try to come to terms with this, his new life slowly evolves into a human one. Of course, nothing is ever that simple.

A story of love, loss and friendship, and how, sometimes, they are all connected.

the less specific i become by notamagnet

R, 22k; Panic GSF; mentions of an off-screen past kidnapping of a main character as a child (no abuse), language, some sexual content (all consensual)

Brendon was found wandering the desert when he was two and was later adopted by the Uries. He’s never felt as though he fits in with them, but he loves them regardless. Everywhere he goes he can’t help but wonder if he’s passing someone who knows what happened to him. One day on tour, he meets someone who does.

the trick of finding what you didn't lose by [personal profile] melusina and [personal profile] girlpearl

Explicit, 17k; Brendon/Spencer, Brendon/Patrick/Spencer; light bondage, power play, spanking

Patrick’s got a lot of time on his hands right now. Touring is always like that, but somehow it hadn’t occurred to him how much worse it would be without Pete and Joe and Andy. If Patrick spends way too much of his downtime wondering what exactly Brendon and Spencer have been getting up to, it’s just idle curiosity, something to kill the time. It turns out that two of his closest friends are kinky motherfuckers and really, anybody would speculate about it under the circumstances.

Write What You Know by romanticalgirl

Mature, 27k; Pete/Gabe; mention of/description of a death of original character (past)

Pete's a widower with a three-year-old, a mortgage, a deadline, and no idea what his next book is going to be. Gabe's the barista at his local coffee place who turns his life and his world upside down.

In The Eye Of The Beholden by mistressteacup

R, 11k; Kevin/Mike, Patrick/Pete, Gerard/Frank; character death, graphic violence

Mikey, Frank, Gerard, Pete, Patrick, Mike and Kevin all have one thing in common. Need. A need to escape, to find somewhere they can recover. So they find themselves a way, out in the mountains, drawn in by an ad for an outdoor escape. An ad telling them they'll have somewhere safe, telling them that they'll have somewhere they can heal.

But the truth?

The truth is, it's not safe. It's not safe at all. And the Doctor's ideas of how to heal someone aren't exactly normal.

Stronger Together, a fanmix by monkey_pie

Ten Year Drag by thebigmachines

NC-17, 24k; Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Lindsey, Frank/Jamia; light drug use, language, sexual content with dirty talk, nevergotmarried!verse

Everybody is always asking Frank "what the deal is" between him and Gerard, and if Frank is perfectly honest, even HE doesn't know what's going on there. All either of them seems to know is that, whatever it is, it works. The only time it doesn't seem to work is whenever one of them hooks up with somebody else, or whenever they hook up with each other.

Other than that, Frank and Gerard's whatever-it-is totally works.

Most of the time.

Long Snake Moan by gala_apples

NC-17, 16k; Alex/Ryland, Alex/OFC, Alex/Ryland/Gabe/Victoria/Nate; consensual but unenthusiastic sex with an OC

Alex isn’t sure what class of animal he wants to pledge to. He’s not even sure if he believes in the six Patrons watching over all of them. All Alex is sure of is that he’s loved Ryland forever, and that he’s had a crush on Nate nearly as long, but neither come alone.

What Defines Us by dr_jasley

R, 16k; Gabe/Brendon, Gabe/Brendon/Frank; underaged drinking, implied drug use, creepy imagery(including creepy children), secondary oc character deaths, violence, implausible action sequences, stealing, alternate realities, alluded to soulbonding, supernatural elements, bullying, and vague homophobic behavior

Gabe’s a normal teenager until, suddenly, he isn’t anymore. He was under the impression that senior year would be hell. He wasn’t expecting this.

Apparently, alternate realities do in fact exist. And Gabe has the potential to open and close doors between those realities at will. It makes him an asset for the dimensions without a portal creator. Lucky him.

It’s a free-for-all that Gabe has to survive while trying to also navigate the new romance with his high school crush and the guy who kept them from being captured by alternate reality elementals. Who thought being eighteen would be this intense?

Boys that glitter love the dark by creepylicious

PG-13, 16k; gen, Gerard/Brendon, Gerard/Adam

Kind of a tour-fic in which Adam Lambert is the singer of My Chemical Romance because Mikey and Gerard are bogeymen living in Brendon's closet.

It's All Chris Martin's Fault, Basically by maybegasoline

NC-17, 10k; Frank/Gerard; rimming/felching, rough sex, d/s dynamics, double penetration (one cock + two fingers)

Gerard Way always tops. Except for when he bottoms. And when he bottoms, he bottoms with a capital B. Then there’s no time for slow or loving or caring; that just doesn’t do it for him. He needs to be pounded into the floor/mattress/wall/whichever surface is closest so hard he sees stars, so hard he won’t be able to take a step the next day without feeling the burn. It drives Frank Iero crazy, but secretly, he doesn’t really mind that at all.

(Or: This is a tale in which Frank and Gerard have a lot of sex on tour, and all of it is indirectly Chris Martin’s fault.)

Love like the Novels by murtaghs_rose

G/T, 11k; Pete/Ashlee (onesided); slightly creepy behavior

Spoilt girl Ashlee has grown up getting whatever she wanted but when she gets a new neighbour she finds herself falling in love. Forcing her band mates to help she decides to seduce him, but will she get that perfect ending? Does she want one?

Camp Cherry Woods by littlblackghost

NC-17, 21k; Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey; sexual situations, language, underage sexual situations, angst

The Summer before he goes off to college, Gerard's mom gets him a job as a camp counsellor at Camp Cherry Woods. Gerard's really not interested in camping, the sun, or wildlife at all, but if it'll get his mom off his back, he'll do it. He's surprised to find he actually enjoys camp, even if it means he has to deal with a strange little boy with a strange obsession with Gerard's younger brother, avoiding going swimming (or any other kind of sporting activity), and a bunkmate who Gerard really can't keep his eyes off of.

The Big Picture by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 52k; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Grant

Frankie meets a lot of interesting people as a photographer. When she does a photoshoot with up-and-coming film director Gerard Way and his biggest inspiration, comic book writer Grant Morrison, she gets great photos for the magazine - and a lot more she didn't expect.

The sound of loneliness (makes me happier) by art_brutal

R, 13k; Bob/Mikey; brief mentions of past abuse within a relationship, a small violent incident

Bob is not the relationship type but something about Mikey makes him want to change all that. There are obstacles at every turn, from Gerard's overprotectiveness to massive communication issues (mostly due to Bob being a failboat). Bob has to work out what he really wants to say and how to say it to have a chance of making a relationship with Mikey work. (AU. MCR never happened. Bob is a drummer working as a sound engineer.)

What Nobody Knows... by heartsdesire456

R, 25k; gen; graphic depictions of violence, supernatural elements, mind control

Patrick Stump had a simple life. A lonely life, yes, but simple. He had a decent job, a decent home, and a co-worker to talk to at lunch most days. The last thing he expected was to discover a man named Pete who followed him around claiming he was something called a 'Key' and had to be kept away from the hands of a super villain intent on using him to bring about the end of the world. However, the day his uneventful lunch with his co-worker ended in fleeing for their lives, Patrick's simple life suddenly became a lot less simple that he had ever imagined. Patrick soon finds himself living in the care of an underground group of super heroes, among which include people with powers as simple as thought projection and as dramatic as shape-shifting into large animals, who live in hiding and save the world on a near-daily basis without a shred of gratitude from the unsuspecting public. With an ex-CIA operative as their leader, an abandoned warehouse as their headquarters, and a very dangerous super villain doing her best to destroy the world, the group have their hands full pretty much all of the time, even without the added pressure of the men said super villain has managed to brainwash into doing her evil bidding. Will Patrick be safe with his new friends, or will the super villain succeed in using him to bring about the end of the world?

The High Place by cho_malfoy (favicongorgeousnerd)

Mature, 12k; Brendon/Spencer; past rape/abuse briefly discussed (not between any romantic pairing), violence, drug use similar to pot (with liberties taken)

Even after the battle that destroyed the local branch of Manticore, Seattle was much kinder to Brendon than the secret military organization that created him and his friends. Could his newfound freedom lead to something as awesome as love? (Dark Angel AU)

We Are Silhouettes, a fanmix by truthismusic

Cause What I'm Thinking About You Is Not Okay by lizibabes

NC-17, 33k; Mikey/Frank, Gerard/Bob; swearing, AU, sex toys, whipping with a riding crop, handcuffs, sub/Dom relationship, sex/fetish shop, past assault of an underage character by an authority figure, stalking, violence, attempted murder, recounting of/processing past sexual assault, alcohol abuse, past drug addiction, small references to mental illness, sex, ball gags

Mikey Way loves his job in his favorite music store and he's starting to think he loves Frank Iero who owns the sex/fetish store next door, too. If that wasn’t awkward enough, Gerard doesn’t have anything better to do than come to work with Mikey. And that might be less awkward seeing his crush every day if Mikey didn't let Gerard come to work with him, Gerard thinks Mikey should stop pining from a far and go for it, but there’s no way Mikey can flirt with Frank in front of him. And what does Gerard know about relationships, anyway? He won't even say hello to Bob Bryar - Mikey's boss and the real reason Gerard’s always bothering him at work – who Gerard's been crushing on for as long as Mikey's been working at the music store.

But life isn't always as simple and uncomplicated as dealing with an untimely crush and an annoying pining older brother. Mikey has more to worry about than that, like an unwelcome face from his past – one that he has been trying to forget for years – suddenly returning, and making his life even more complicated. He'll need all the help he can get from his friends and family to cope.

A Fanfiction (In Which Gerard Has A Secret Stash of Star Wars Fanfiction) by sparklefap (faviconsparklefap)

R, 10k; Frank/Gerard; moderate sexual content, language, very brief mention of fictional incest

Frank finds Gerard's bizarrely erotic Star Wars fanfiction, and is both disturbed and aroused by it. Those feelings won't do for Frank. He seeks revenge.

Nothing is all You Have by dr_jasley

R, 15k; Pete/Patrick/Brendon, Patrick/Brendon, Pete/Brendon; allusions to past suicide attempt, suicide ideology, a suicide pact that is actualized, internalized homophobia, virtual realities, drug use, past drug abuse, one very short unharmful drugging scene, implied self harm(secondary character), possible religious blasphemy, secondary character deaths, main character death, violence, perceived one-sided incest by an outside character

Patrick was the neutron at the center of the atom. The tape holding them together.

Not just with Pete and Brendon. But Pete’s connection to everyone he considers close.

Patrick’s mom. Who was always a better parent to him than his own ever were.

Gabe, the guy Pete found in his quest to forget.

Mikey, the person Pete hid from Patrick with.

It always comes back to Patrick.

Who isn’t here.

(No One's Gonna) Fix Me When I'm Broke by theletterelle

R, 40k; Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Mikey; rape/non-con, references to suicide, graphic violence, veiled references to sexual content with a child, eating disorders, teen abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, veiled references to sexual abuse by an authority figure, hate speech, homophobia, internalized homophobia

Welcome to Desert Rock Academy. The court or your parents have sent you here because you have become uncontrollable and a danger to yourself or others. Here, you will learn to respect your parents, your teachers, your counselors, and yourself. How soon you learn this is entirely up to you.

Gerard hadn't meant it. He'd never threaten anyone, much less hurt them.

Pete was a fuckup; he'd be the first to admit it. But he didn't deserve this.

Brendon knew he needed to be there. When he was fixed, he'd be allowed home again.

None of them knew what to expect, but what they were faced with was worse than a nightmare. While trying to navigate through the system, each of them will find out what they'll do to survive, while trying desperately to hang on to some part of what they used to be. No matter what happens, they are determined to make it out of Desert Rock, one way or another.

Nowhereville by turps33

PG, 26k; Brendon/Spencer, Mikey/Patrick/Pete

It's a town where nothing ever happens. But the people who live there love it regardless.

The Ways are busy running their diner, Patrick and Ryan are co-owners of Note Wordy, Pete has his one-man law practice, and then there's Brendon, who feels like he's finally found a place to call home.

Until that home is threatened, and Brendon's life changes forever as he helps the town take a stand, and finds love in the most unexpected of places.

Emotional Brilliance by kopperblaze

NC-17, 20k; Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Ray/Lindsey; one instance of homophobic language

Toro and Mikey are a good team, Mikey doesn’t get why Brian had to hire someone else. In particular he doesn’t get why Brian had to hire Frank, who knows nothing about Lush products and who's incapable of keeping his mouth shut.

Lush!AU. The one where Ray is a skin care expert, Frank is obnoxious, Mikey is annoyed and Pete leaves glittery handprints all over everything.

I go blind (it's no big deal) by i_claudia

NC-17, 19k; Spencer/Brendon; dub-con (under the influence), drugged drinks, angst, infidelity

It's no big deal that Brendon and Spencer used to get bored and make out. They're past that now; they're best friends making beautiful music together in an extremely literal sense, which is so far working out pretty damn well for them. So when someone slips a roofie in their drinks at a club one night, it shouldn't matter. It happened; it's over; it's no big deal.

But it is. Somehow along the way, it's turned into a big fucking deal.

We all Build Our Ruins by kuriositet

NC-17, 29k; Frank/Gerard; coercion of a minor (16 y/o) by OC teacher, student/teacher relationship

Frank is a young teacher only a few years out of college who means well and wants to make a difference, but when the High School Junior Gerard is in trouble and Frank helps him out, he feels responsible for him and ends up bringing work home with him. Things go downhill when his long-term relationship ends and he's got nowhere to turn but to Gerard, whom he can't help but grow dangerously close to. Frank has to try to stay away from him, but that might be easier said than done, especially when Frank finds out that there is another teacher who knows.

Just a Little Hocus Pocus by truthismusic

PG-13, 19k; Ryan/Brendon

Brendon has kept a secret for a long time: he's a witch. When he receives a letter from the Bureau of Magical Law & Arcane Affairs, he must tell the truth to his oblivious fiance and face the consequences that might arise.

Late Bloomer by flyby

NC-17, 25k; Frank/Gerard; minor underage drinking, mention of homophobia and homophobic language

Fresh out of high school, Gerard has spent the last four years trying to crush his inconvenient boy-liking issues. He isn't expecting a family wedding, and the hot punk kid he's forced into rooming with, to pop his bubble of denial, but Frank knows what he wants. What will it take for Gerard to admit that he does, too?

Moth to Flame (or Whatever) by onceuponamoon

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Gerard; adult themes, sexual content, profanity, mentions of past marijuana use, minor off-screen OC death

A florist AU.

“Um, okay,” the guy says. He scratches at his nose, and continues to glance around the store, enraptured, albeit a little awkwardly. Eventually, his gaze lands back on Frank. “Is this your place?”

Nodding, Frank grins (that silly, prideful one that he absolutely cannot help) and opens his arms wide to gesture in a sweeping motion. “Pride and joy,” he quips. “It was my grandmother’s.”

Oscar Wilde would not apologise by pr_scatterbrain

R, 10k; Ryan/Spencer; implied drug use

Spencer’s family never moved to Las Vegas, but he and Ryan find their way to each other anyway.

A college AU featuring Maja as Spencer’s childhood friend and roommate, Lykke Li as Spencer’s bandmate, Gabe as Maja’s somewhat pathetic rock star ex, and Z and Alex being the worlds worst best friends.

Food of Love by lucifuge_5

PG-13, 12k; Frank/Mikey; mild drug use (pot smoking)

Ever since it re-opened, Frank's been "Sweet Nothings"'s number one customer. That he harbors a gigantic crush on one of the owners is something that he's kept to himself for the most part (Ray will never tell a soul.)

It's not until he strikes a friendship with the older brother of the object of his affection that he 'fesses up. Moved by Frank's pining, Gerard promises to help Frank woo Mikey. Complications arise when Gerard's "helpful advice" is anything but.

Will Frank be successful in his courtship or are his chances to win Mikey's heart as ruined as a burnt cupcake?

I’ll Put My Future In You (I Can Keep You Safe) by fallennotes

NC-17, 12k; Frank/Gerard; bondage, kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, dub-con (or a consensual D/s relationship, depending on your opinion of the influence that Stockholm Syndrome has on people)

“Close your eyes.”

Frank glares at him and Gerard gives him a hard look.

“I said ‘close your eyes’ so listen to me and do what I say,” he growls.

He Can't Lose With Me in Tow by vintagesick

NC-17, 26k; Frank/Gerard; cross dressing, graphic violence, explicit sexual scenes, mentions of war and various crimes, mentions of death {not toward any major characters}, homophobia

L.A., 1947. In the proposed glamour, fame and fortune of Hollywood, even more so with its film uprising, the City of Angels is not as promised as it first presents. In a poor economy barely recovering from the result of war, Detective and World War II veteran Frank Iero transfers to the L.A.P.D from New York, looking for change. Rising drug and murder crime along with the exploitation of young naïve girls aspiring for greater things illustrate that the city isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Whilst trying to rid of the cobwebs of war, Frank meets a potential suspect to an unsolved murder, who isn’t the woman he’d first become acquainted with. Noir AU.

Clockwork Romance by piratekitten

NC-17, 10k; Spencer/Brendon, Brendon/Sarah

Spencer Smith is a watchmaker and clockwork inventor who specializes in toys made to amuse children. His personal favorite is a graceful ballerina who unwinds herself from a flower to pirouette, bow to her audience and twist herself back into her flower. When a young lord comes in, interested in seeing the ballerina and hoping she's for sale, Spencer's cat (a snarky, sarcastic creature named Ryan who enjoys wearing goggles and clockwork wings) reminds Spencer of his childhood friend, another young lord named Brendon Urie.

In Repair by [personal profile] blue_soaring (faviconautoschediastic)

NC-17, 33k; Frank/Gerard; Frank is sixteen. Also, there are robots.

"Shit," Frank mutters, and shoves both hands through his hair. He looks around the kitchen like he's gonna find what he should do scratched into the old linoleum, then looks back at the bot. He gnaws on his lip. Fuck it. He already knows what he's gonna do. He's just gotta do it.

Getting down on his knees, he braces a hand on the edge of the crate and leans over the bot. It's dressed in a plain white tee and matching drawstring pants like an escaped mental patient. Frank rolls his neck and cracks his knuckles, shaking the ache out of them before carefully laying his palm against its cheek. He's pretty sure his voice is steady when he says, "Activate."

Nothing happens. Fucking shitty packaging-- the thing's busted. But Frank keeps his hand where it is, jumping a little when he feels the surge of energy beneath it. The robot's skin goes from room temperature to lukewarm, then warm. Frank watches it open its eyes, the light behind them adjusting until they're a pale sort of brown. It looks at him and asks, "Am I dead?"

Cupid's Chokehold by matchbox_bones

NC-17, 14k; Frank/Gerard

Frank taps his foot on the tile and looks at anything other than Ray’s face for a long moment. Then he groans and says, "I suck at love, alright? I’m a fucking Cupid, a servant of Aphrodite for fuck’s sake, and I suck at making people fall in love.”

King of the Pumpkin Patch by bad_peppermint

PG, 12k; gen; AU

Ryan, with his tailored suits and spindly fingers, has been King of the Pumpkin Patch for as long as he can remember. He sleeps underneath the briar patch, he smokes his pipe with his friends, and he watches the sun set every night, without fail. But everything changes when the Boy moves into the Old Lady's house. With Brendon's parents dead set on destroying everything Ryan's ever known, Ryan has no choice but to challenge Brendon to a duel to determine the next King of the Pumpkin Patch.

Give Me A Reason by mistresscurvy

NC-17, 38k; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Jamia, Gerard/Lindsey, Frank/Jamia/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Jamia/Lindsey

July 2007. Frank is fucking stoked for the next tour. This one will be the best ever, because his wife's gonna be with him the entire time. They've been married for less than six months, and he still can't fucking believe he got to marry her. This summer is going to rock.

But life never happens as he plans.

to the midnight land by [personal profile] akamine_chan

NC-17, 24k; Frank/Gerard; consensual teenage sexual activity, mentions of depression and drinking, mentions of off-screen historical death

Being a teenager is hard. Being a Blooded teenager, one with a connection to the Moon and his fur-self, is even worse. He's got to contend with his own hormones, high school, and the fact that he's in love with his best friend.

Luckily, Frankie's got the determination to see things through. He's got family, friends, and a community of shifters to lean on, and he's not going to give up. Frankie's not patient, but he's stubborn when he knows what he wants. And he wants Gerard.

You're a Matter of Urgency by annemaris

NC-17, 34k; Mikey/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Mikey; incest

Gerard and Mikey's relationship hasn't always been the easiest, but they're happy with where they've ended up. Gerard can't imagine wanting or needing anyone besides Mikey. But what happens when Mikey gets into a car accident and the nurse looking after him turns out to be really fucking awesome? And how does Frank feel about falling for two brothers at the same time?

Under Wraps shystrangemanic & elle2706

PG-13, 28k; Frank/Gerard; deals with issues of transgender/transexualism, cross-dressing, violence in the form of a short scuffle at a high school game

After getting expelled from Queen of Peace, Frank realizes that this could be the best thing to ever happen to him and formulates a plan. A plan to use his new life at his new school as an opportunity to cross-dress, full-time as the boy he knows he is, unbeknownst to the students and administration of Belleville High School.

Tea for Two (And Me for You) by inabathrobe and theficisalie

PG, 10k; gen; unkindness to a small child, some sexual content, excessive swearing, ridiculous magic

After an incident where Mikeyway’s magic microwave skills turned Frank into a six-year-old and then back, Bob was sure that things with this crazy band would return to normal and that his lovable, slobby friends would continue with their non-showered-never-laundered ways, never to practice the apparently ancient and well-established art of coffee voodoo again.

Instead, the Ways decided to drink tea.

Colorblind by viviansface and bloodynemo

NC-17, 20k; Frank/Gerard; wing!kink, hurt/comfort, mentions of alcohol abuse

Libraries are the places where the most amazing stories begin. Some have the happiest ending, and some have the saddest; but Gerard's never experienced any of this. Not until one quirky guy walked into the library Gerard worked at.
Frank is a peculiar boy to just look at; he wears etnies during winter and he's always got his nose buried in a book. He seems to be the perfect match for Gerard; he's talkative, smart and really pretty. And he likes him back. the only catch is, Frank's not as human as he seems.

The Cameras Watch the Accidents and Stars You Hate by daniomalley22

PG-13, 23k; Frank/Gerard, Alicia/Vicky-T, Pete/Patrick; character death, graphic violence, alcohol abuse, fairly dark

After winning the Hunger Games, life was supposed to go back to normal for Gerard, Frank and their mentor Alicia. But they've made too many enemies in the Capitol, and it looks like they might be lucky to keep any sort of life at all.

Everybody was well dressed (everybody was a mess) by pr_scatterbrain

R, 18k; Ryan/Spencer; drug use, a DUI offence

Originally when Ryan first signed on to the new Gus Van Sant film they were shooting on location in New York City. Due to a combinations of filming restrictions and funding issues they’re now shooting the bulk of the production in a small town an hour outside Portland. Z isn’t exactly happy, but she isn’t too put out. Secretly, Ryan thinks she likes being the big fish in the small town. Jesse Eisenberg definitely does not.

“How would you know?” Spencer asks, on one of the rare occasions when he manages to answer his phone. “It’s not like he talks to you.”

Monsters, and the People Who Hunt Them by cosmoscorpse

PG-15, 12k; gen; multiple offscreen minor character deaths, description of gore and old injuries, probable mythological bastardization

Gerard and Mikey are hunters, Frank is the boy they are charged with protecting, and there is something in the water eating people alive. Or, the Supernatural AU.

Red is the Rose by cloudlessclimes

R, 29k; Brendon/Spencer; graphic violence

A sort of fairy tale. In which Brendon is the much maligned crofters' son and Spencer is the human Guardian of the Faerie King's Roses (yes, roses. it's a job okay. someone has to do it). Their stars briefly align, they fall in love, and have to beat a curse older than time to be together. Loosely, very very very loosely based on the Ballad of Tamlin, with a smattering of various global folk and fairy tales thrown in for good measure. Takes place in a parallel world that is a mishmash of Ireland and Las Vegas just because that's how I roll. Very much an AU.

Bound to the Beat by dancinbutterfly

NC-17, 37k; Bob/Patrick; innate Dominant/submissive identities, soulbonding, prescription drug use and misuse in conjunction with soulbonds, consent issues discussed in regards to soulbonding, reference to canon suicide attempt, BDSM, minor OC character death, still-a-band!AU, a Will who is NOT William Beckett

In a near canon world where orientation refers to dominance or submission, not sexuality, almost everyone has a soulmate that is supposed to complement their personality, biology, orientation and heart. Most people look forward to the day when the psionic bond sparks into existence, connecting them to their other halves. However, a trauma left Bob wanting anything but the bond he sees as a dangerous trap, and he takes matters in his own hands to chemically prevent his bond from effecting him. Patrick doesn't know what he did wrong but he knows that for some reason, his soulmate has rejected him and he has to learn to live with that. Between their pasts, their bands, and their hopes, neither of them expects end up where they do - so close with so much distance still between them.
Tags: !master list, bbb: 2012
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