September 2nd, 2012


We All Build Our Ruins by kuriositet

Title: We all Build Our Ruins
Author: [personal profile] kuriositet
Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Frank/OMC, implied Gerard/Grant Morrison
Word Count: 28 863
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Coercion of a minor (16 y/o) by OC teacher. Student/teacher relationship. Also, on a less serious note: I’m not American so I haven’t gone to an American High School so I don’t know what it’s like and media/pop culture have hundreds of different versions of it, but I tried my very best to make it work, and if you find something weird it’s because I don’t understand your school system. I researched what I could, and I hope it makes sense to you all.
Summary: Frank is a young teacher only a few years out of college who means well and wants to make a difference, but when the High School Junior Gerard is in trouble and Frank helps him out, he feels responsible for him and ends up bringing work home with him. Things go downhill when his long-term relationship ends and he's got nowhere to turn but to Gerard, whom he can't help but grow dangerously close to. Frank has to try to stay away from him, but that might be easier said than done, especially when Frank finds out that there is another teacher who knows.

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4 amazing pieces by [personal profile] akamine_chan

Moth to Flame (or Whatever) by onceuponamoon

Title: Moth to Flame (or Whatever)
Author: onceuponamoon
Band: MCR, hints of FOB
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, minor Dewees/OFC
Word Count: 31,310
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: adult themes, sexual content, profanity, mentions of past marijuana use, minor off-screen OC death
A florist AU.

“Um, okay,” the guy says. He scratches at his nose, and continues to glance around the store, enraptured, albeit a little awkwardly. Eventually, his gaze lands back on Frank. “Is this your place?”

Nodding, Frank grins (that silly, prideful one that he absolutely cannot help) and opens his arms wide to gesture in a sweeping motion. “Pride and joy,” he quips. “It was my grandmother’s.”

Author's Note: Thanks to the mods for running this challenge! Please see the Masterpost for a full author's note.

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Bonus Materials

Four Pieces by [personal profile] lucifuge5

'Cause After All by fallennotes

Late Bloomer by flyby

Title: Late Bloomer
Author: flyby
Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 24,500
Rating: NC17/Explicit
Warning(s): minor underage drinking, mention of homophobia and homophobic language
Fresh out of high school, Gerard has spent the last four years trying to crush his inconvenient boy-liking issues. He isn't expecting a family wedding, and the hot punk kid he's forced into rooming with, to pop his bubble of denial, but Frank knows what he wants. What will it take for Gerard to admit that he does, too?

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Bonus Materials

two pieces by slashxyouxup

Late Bloomer by vickynicole